Justice Be Done (A Caleb Knowles Mystery #4)

This novel was (literally) born from a dream. The character Caleb Knowles wasn’t done with me, so he knocked on the door of my unconscious brain with another story for me to tell. This is it.

Winner of the 2023 PenCraft Seasonal Book Award Winter Competition

Crime fiction that makes a difference: in The Orchid Tattoo, award-winning author Carla Damron delves into the disturbing world of human trafficking.

Named a 2017 STAR AWARD winner by the Women’s Fiction Writers Association

Clawing chest pains and a fiery car crash take one life and change the destiny of four others. The Stone Necklace braids together the stories of a grieving widow, a struggling nurse, a young mother, and a troubled homeless man, reminding us of the empowering and surprising ways our lives touch one another and how, together, we can recover from even the greatest of losses.

The Safe Harbor Center is supposed to be a sanctuary for the homeless, but when a ruthless killer strikes, no one is safe.

Social Worker Caleb Knowles’ quiet southern life is disrupted by two horrendous crimes. Carla Damron, a licensed clinical social worker, taps into her keen insight into human behavior in the Caleb Knowles series. Spider Blue is the second in the series featuring social worker Caleb Knowles and his brother, Sam, a deaf artist.

Keeping Silent (originally published in 2001) is the first mystery featuring social worker Caleb Knowles. In this updated version, we meet Caleb, a clinical social worker, as he tries to prove his brother innocent of murder.