Dear Men,

Dear Men,

Someone you love was Christine Blasey Ford.

She was your fifteen-year-old sister who loved babysitting for the neighbors until that one night she came home crying.

She was your daughter dating a boy who ignored her when she begged “stop.”

He was your young son who trusted the priest who made him feel special, and then made him feel violated.

She was your wife who suddenly quit her job after that work trip with her boss.

She was your friend who wouldn’t tell you why how she got those bruises on her arms and why she’s suddenly lost so much weight.  

She never told you or anyone. Her silence eats her inside.

Now she is watching you.

When you say “boys will be boys” and “he was just a misbehaving teenager”

When you attack a terrified woman who dared to speak her truth

She retreats deeper into her silence.

Someone you love is Christine Blasey Ford.

And she is hurting.      

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